Unique wedding ideas

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, commitment and your bond with your partner. To make it a day to remember, lots of couples look for distinctive and creative unique wedding ideas that reflect their personalities. Unique wedding ideas that will allow them to create lasting memories for themselves and their guests. At Venachar Lochside, with our picturesque setting and versatile indoor and outdoor space, we offer the perfect canvas for anyone looking to create something that is really special.

If you know you want something a little different, but you’re not sure where to start, here are just some of the creative wedding ideas that Venachar Lochside can help you to execute!

Nature inspired decor

Since Venachar Lochside is on the banks of an absolutely stunning loch, one of the best ways to have a unique wedding with us is to use the backdrop as a theme. We’ve got a stunning view over the loch, the mountains and the forest. And you can bring this natural theme into every aspect of your day by using natural decorations (we even offer a foraging service for your bouquets and decorations), natural confetti. And a really rustic, sustainable meal full of local ingredients – our speciality.

Venue decorated with natural items
Nature inspired decor

Camping themed wedding

For those who love all things natural, you could take the natural theme one step further. We offer all sorts of things that can elevate your nature-themed wedding into a camping-themed special day. What’s more unique than getting all of your loved ones together and enjoying a campfire after you’ve said ‘I do’? Pair that with our stretch tents and tipis, and you’ve got a truly magical wedding day unlike anybody else’s!

Tiki inspired wedding

Looking for a flavour of the exotic in your wedding? We have the option of adding tiki lamps to your setup to add a bit of spice. Paired with our beautiful loch and the option of adding a cocktail hour, you can make our beautiful Scottish scenery into a perfect summer wedding spot.

Water themed weddings

How about a spot of messing about on the water? We can arrange for canoes and paddleboards for you and your wedding party if you want the water to feature in your day. Or how about a dip in the loch?

Bride and groom on a paddleboard
Fancy messing about on the water?

Romeo the pony

To really set your wedding apart from other peoples’, why not add an adorable four-legged friend? You and your guests will definitely get photos to treasure and remember forever. It’s becoming more and more of a wedding trend to have alpacas and llamas at weddings. And plenty of people have their dogs and cats. But at Venachar Lochside, we have a delightful little guy called Romeo who just loves to celebrate love. For an additional cost, you can have Romeo the pony at your wedding for petting and picture purposes. Perfect for weddings with children or the couple who just love animals.

Cheese not cake

Missing that sweet tooth? Or just not a cake fan? That’s all right, it just gives you another chance to have a truly unique wedding by opting for our rustic cake of cheese. Created by our creative wedding experts and chefs, the cheese selection is served with oatcakes, chutney and fruit and is a great savoury alternative to your typical super-sweet wedding cake!

Cheese wedding cake with rustic background
Savoury not sweet

Little things that can make your wedding unique:

Now, themed weddings are one way to make your wedding unique. And adding in things like the tiki torches or a cheese selection can help to personalise your wedding to you as a couple, but there are a few other ways to do just that. For example:

Personalised vows

When you get married, most celebrants will allow you to write your own vows to one another rather than recite the legal ones. This can give you and your partner a chance to personalise the wedding speech, and you’ll be able to tell them how much they really mean to you on the day designed to celebrate how much you love one another.

Table favours

It’s always nice to give something to your guests as a thanks for coming all the way to the wedding, buying nice outfits and (hopefully) giving you a lovely wedding gift. One great way to do that is with table favours, which we are more than happy to help with at Venachar Lochside.

We offer the chance to place miniature spirits or bags of sweets on each place setting for your guests so that they know how much you appreciate their presence on your special day.

Personalised neon signs

Do you and your partner have a couple name? Or perhaps a saying or an inside joke between the two of you that you’d love to have at your wedding? Maybe you’re Star Wars fans and want the iconic ‘I love you’ and ‘I know’. Or the date you met and the date you’re marrying. Whatever it is, a great way to not only have it on display and to remember your wedding day forever is to get a custom neon sign! It’ll make for great photo opportunities and adds just an additional sprinkle of your personality into the day.

Happily ever after neon sign
Happily ever after

Unique table names

Unique table names are another way to add a bit of you to your day. Interests, cities visited, personalities or even your history as a couple. Or even the names of your pets. These can all be a really sweet way to tie such a small detail of your decoration into the theme of your day.

Whatever you have in mind for your day, we can help make it a reality. The sky is the limit for your day. Our wedding expert, Sam, is happy to help create a wedding day that is uniquely you. He will work with any ideas you may have. Give us a call today and we will help make your dreams come true.