Second wedding advice and ideas

Finding love again is a wonderful thing that deserves to be celebrated. But planning a second or subsequent wedding can be different to the first. The feedback we often get from brides or grooms who are re-marrying is that they want a simple, beautiful and special wedding. Sometimes they are looking for a smaller, more intimate celebration the second time around. Sometimes they opt for a more laid-back day, without all of the traditions and formalities. Of course, every couple’s needs and circumstances are different. And at Venachar Lochside, we tailor your wedding day exactly to your requirements. Here, we are taking a look at some of the things you might consider when planning a second wedding.

A large or small wedding

If you had a large wedding the first time, you might prefer something smaller and more personal for your second wedding. Alternatively, if you had a small celebration or elopement the first time, you may want to go all out with a huge party. Every situation is different, and there may be a lot to consider, but there are no rules. Do what feels right for you.

Start by putting together your guest list. Write down the people who absolutely must be there. Then decide if this is enough, or if there are other people you’d like to add. If you’re worried about who to invite, it’s sometimes easier to keep things small and simple. Once you have a provisional list, you can work out what size your celebration is going to be. This is important to do in the early stages because it will help you narrow down your venue choice.

Here at Venachar Lochside in Scotland, we can cater for weddings between 2 and 100 guests. We have a range of packages to suit different sizes and styles of celebration. So if you’d like to chat to us about holding your special day here, please get in touch.

A wedding at Venachar Lochside near Loch Lomond

What to wear

You should wear whatever makes you feel good! Whether that’s the traditional white dress, suit, kilt, or something completely different. Whatever you decide, it can be helpful to put a dress code on your wedding invitations. For example, black tie, formal, smart, casual or you might even have a theme. That way, your guests will find it easier to plan their own outfits.

Type of ceremony

Consider what type of ceremony would be appropriate for you as a couple. Here in Scotland, you can choose between a civil or religious ceremony. Speak to your celebrant about the different ways you could personalise the ceremony, for example with special readings or rituals like handfasting. If one or both of you have children, it can be nice to include them in the ceremony. Perhaps by walking you down the aisle, holding the rings or giving a reading.

Poetry book with red roses

Mixing up traditions

The great thing about your wedding is you can have it completely your way. Apart from a few legalities, everything else is up to you. So if you’ve already done the big white wedding with all the traditions, you might want something totally different this time. You’ll need to decide if you want a wedding party, with groomsmen, bridesmaids and the works. Will someone walk you down the aisle? Do you want a wedding cake, bouquets and buttonholes? Will you make a table plan? Keep the traditions you love and skip the rest!

Gifts and lists

Whether this is a first, second or subsequent wedding, guests usually like to bring a gift. However, a traditional gift list might not work for you this time around. In this case, you could use a gift registry such as Prezola, which allows you to customise your gift list to include experiences, contributions to your honeymoon, furniture and homeware, and more. Or, if you prefer, you can ask for donations to a charity of your choice.

Wrapped gifts with ribbons

Contact us today to find out more about holding your special day at Venachar Lochside, our beautiful lochside venue in Scotland. We offer a range of packages to suit different sizes and styles of weddings, great quality catering, and unique touches, such as the opportunity to forage for your own decor and bouquets. If you have any concerns or questions about planning a second wedding with us, just ask. We have years of experience and will always do our best to help with advice and suggestions.